Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Two New Blogs!

There are a couple of new blogs I wanted to highlight briefly and encourage you to view on a regular basis. They are written by a couple of guys who, together with me, comprise a philosophy group that meets on a weekly basis (usually, anyway). The first blog is by Ethan Tittle, and he calls it “Apologia Aletheias,” or a defense of the truth. It’s brand new, and so only has two entries, but he plans on writing more. He’s starting with a kind of statement of the beliefs he holds to be true, including starting with a very important one: the truths of God’s existence. Ethan will be more likely to respond to issues, in my opinion, that affect the whole person. Thus, those with an existential bent, mixed with some early modern philosophy, will find a kindred spirit here. I encourage you to check it out, and keep going back!

The second new blog I’d like to share with you is from Matt Files (and it should be called “The Matt Files,” though I’m not in charge). It’s actually called “Faith and Knowledge,” and he too has two posts available currently. A feature of Matt’s posts is that they all reflect, in some way or another, his testimony. Thus, those who value honesty, and seeing how apologetics, doctrine, theology, and the Christian faith work themselves out in the lives of believers will find an insightful example here. Please read both of these guys, and respond to them. In this way, we can all sharpen each other, both intellectually and spiritually.

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