Thursday, June 5, 2014

Apologetics Conference

Tomorrow, my wife Jodi and I will be celebrating our fifth anniversary! But on that day we will also be doing something else: boarding a plane to travel to Connecticut for an apologetics conference. The good people at Victory Christian Church are hosting an apologetics conference, partnering with Ratio Christi to put it on June 6-7, this Friday and Saturday. This is a very exciting opportunity for me to engage with believers and unbelievers alike. I will be speaking on the topic, "Why Philosophy?" and also participate in a Q & A panel. For those who are not able to travel to CT, it will be live-streamed (follow the VCC link, as they live-stream their services from their website). Other (more notable!) speakers include: Mike Licona (world-renowned expert on the Resurrection), Alex McFarland, and John DePoe. Jodi and I would appreciate any prayers for traveling safety and that the conference would go well. Specifically, that believers would be challenged to love God with all their being, which includes their minds, and that unbelievers would be challenged to accept the Gospel. The Gospel is rational to accept!

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