Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top 10 List!

Possible Worlds has recently passed the 60,000 view-mark. In honor of this, I’ll just be linking to the top 10 posts of all-time, from least to most popular, along with a summary and link of each one. Enjoy!

This article offers objections to the practice of apologetics and biblical, philosophical, and practical responses to these objections. Have you ever heard such objections as, “you can’t argue anyone into the kingdom?” If so, this might be the article for you.

The objection is that Christians derive an “ought” from an “is” when they describe God’s morality. Through examination of divine command theory, this article suggests such an objection misunderstands what it means for there to be an objective moral obligation or duty. A strict delineation between objective moral values and duties is highlighted.

A more general post, this deals with two popular-level objections one is likely to encounter on the Internet. Special attention is given to the idea of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The logical problem of evil asserts that it is logically impossible that God exists and that evil exists. Such a bold claim must be defended, and its plausibility is attacked by demonstrating there does not seem to be any logical inconsistency in positing these two statements.

This article teaches believers how to recognize “dirty tricks” of debate when they come upon it. It provides helpful examples and tips for working around these tricks.

Focusing on the argument from contingency, this post looks at the plausibility of each of the premises, and finds that one is at least justified in thinking they are all true. But in that case, it follows that one is justified in thinking God exists!

Perhaps the most difficult argument in natural theology to understand, the modal ontological argument is, at the very least, wildly entertaining to think about. Essentially, it incontrovertibly establishes the fact that God’s existence is either necessary or impossible. In other words, if it’s even possible that God exists, then he does! This is the newest post on this list.

In this brief article, we take a look at Penn Jillette of the magician duo Penn and Teller. He makes some interesting claims about his atheism and reasons for it. This proved quite popular; much more so than I would have thought.

By far, the two William Lane Craig debates I covered are the most popular. In fact, this particular debate, searched for on Google as “review of Craig Krauss debate” (without quotations) places this article as #1 in search rankings! I covered each aspect of the debate, interacting with ideas on both sides and objections to the ideas, all the way through to the Q&A portion.

This article is ahead of any other article at Possible Worlds by nearly 2,000 views. It too is #1 on Google underneath its search. This generated some interesting discussion on whether or not objective morality can be grounded on atheism or naturalism. Sam Harris is apparently a much more popular speaker!
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