Friday, August 11, 2017

Theology of Truth and the Christian Life

I have written elsewhere on the issue of Christian theology and practicality. I don’t want to re-hash that all here, but I do want to make a few brief remarks. There is a very real sense in which we should love God with our minds as an end to itself. That is biblically and theologically evident. However, many people struggle to do so without a link to the intellectual exercise’s practicality. This can be frustrating for many people like me, who see inherent value in thinking about God and other intellectual exercises.

However, it seems to me the Christian life is relevant to every area; every intellectual exercise can and should be linked to something practical. This is due to Christianity’s applying to every area of life, and God being the necessary foundation for all of created reality.

But how can this be? How can something like truthmaking and holes relate to God in any practical sense? First, we must understand that every truth relates to God in some way, and therefore requires a belief and/or attitude in response. Whichever way you take an account of truthmaking, you can recognize that this is the way it is due to God’s nature, or due to God’s will, and you can respond accordingly. You can praise God for what he does, or worship him for who he is.

This may seem simplistic, and there are far more applications available to various intellectual pursuits, but the point remains: every truth is worth investigating, and every truth relates to God. This should lead us to greater worship, and growth in our actions and attitudes in life. What do you guys think?

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