Wednesday, March 22, 2017

God as the Ideal Observer

I am continuing trying to write something every day. I hadn’t really thought much about what I was going to write until now. So here goes . . . .

I had a brief but interesting conversation today about God and whether or not he has a “view from nowhere.” The idea is that, contrary to modernist suppositions, one really can’t be 100% objective, with absolutely no presuppositions or perspective whatsoever. There really is no view from nowhere, where nothing and no one has any influence whatsoever on how we see things. We all have a worldview, implicit or not. So suppose God is particularly situated and is not perfectly objective, where “perfectly objective” apparently means “without a worldview.” How can God then know for sure that he knows all things? Couldn’t he be mistaken, simply being beholden to his worldview?

I think not, and for two (what I take to be) decent reasons. First, God is not like us. He does not have to gain knowledge as a finite knower. He knows all true propositions innately. Thus, he would not have to worry about whether or not he is mistaken in a given situation; he knows that he is not. Second, I take it that the perfectly objective observer is one where he has access to all the facts, amongst other things. God more than has access to all of the facts concerning a matter. He just is in every possible world, as the necessary being. God could not fail to exist in any circumstance.

Out of any possible scenario, God knows everything about it, including how it might and even would actually turn out. Further, God is the locus of everything good, so he knows and will do what is good, for only good comes from God (that is, God does not perform any acts of “evil,” where “evil” is contrary to God’s nature). So I think God fits this ideal observer in objectivity, and even though he has a nature, it’s not one capable of being shared or limited by context. Instead, it just is the foundation for all reality.


  1. This was a good read. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and for dropping by!


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