Thursday, June 16, 2016

God and Modal Realism (An Exercise)

Here’s something fun to think about, but before I begin: I do want to say that I don’t really believe what I am about to write, and I think I know where the flaw is, but it makes for interesting reflection on our God.

1.     God is the most perfect being that could possibly exist.
2.     If God were to exist in and create n number of possible worlds, it would be greater for God to exist in and create n + ∞ possible worlds.
3.     If it is possible for God to exist in and create n + ∞ possible worlds, then God does exist in and create n + ∞ possible worlds.
4.     God exists in and created this possible world.
5.     So, modal realism is true (that is, an infinite number of possible worlds exist).

Have fun!


  1. Why would an infinite number of worlds be greater than a finite or even a single perfect world, how would creating more increase the value, it would in fact decrease the value of each subsequent world exponentially? Seeing that creating a single perfect world in a single shot would in fact show a greater design and designer, would it not?

    1. Hey Travis, thanks for commenting! I think you're on to something here. While I'm not sure that actualizing a particular possible world decreases value of an "earlier" one (is value in this case a zero-sum game?), I do think it may be a mistake to claim (2). After all, it looks like it makes God-as-creator a necessary (or at least intrinsic) property of God. And usually, we as Christians want to say that God didn't *have to* create; he could have refrained had he so chosen. (2) would have us believe that due to God's greatness, such a thing isn't happening. Creation is an extrinsic, or relational, property of God, and if that is so, (2) is false. Or so I think.


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