Friday, October 2, 2015

Hell and the Multiverse

Suppose a multiverse theory is true. Suppose further that a majority of these universes are uninhabited, at least by rational beings. The following is pure speculation, but it is something that occurred to me a few weeks ago in our philosophy group that holds weekly meetings (well, we try to, anyway).

What if Hell (that final place of everlasting punishment) is spatially extended? The general Resurrection at the eschaton to which unbelievers will be raised includes, obviously, their bodies. But then we have extension, and thus we have space. What if Hell is just one of these universes, causally isolated from ours (and any others), where no light reaches them, and they potentially may be isolated from even each other? This may work by imagining each person alone in each causally and physically isolated universe, where Hell becomes a person alone with himself, and without the graces of God—getting what one wants.

Just a thought I take to be interesting: Perhaps some of the multiverse was created for the devil and his angels…


  1. This is not speculation; it has to be true according to multiverse theory (which is nonsense).

    -Wm. Francis Brown
    Forest, Virginia

    1. Thanks for commenting! I am wondering, though: why does this account have to be true? Couldn't Hell be located in this particular universe, even if a multiverse theory were to be true? Or were you rather just intending to say multiverse theories are all false?


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