Saturday, January 25, 2014

Want to Write for Possible Worlds?

I'm looking for occasional posts written by someone other than myself. Your name will be credited at the very beginning, and I will only edit for spelling issues. Each post must be concerned directly with Christian theology, philosophy, or apologetics. Submit potential articles to Here are some additional basic submission guidelines:

1. Each post should be anywhere from 300-1500 words.
2. No profanity or vulgarity, please.
3. Please include a brief, one or two sentence description of you or autobiographical statement at the end.
4. In all things, exemplify charity.
5. Try to keep your post as focused as possible (e.g., you don't want to write about the history of the problem of evil. Try instead: the problem of evil as it relates to a specific cultural event).
6. Your post can be an argument, or raise questions, or just frame a particular issue.
7. It cannot be a dogmatic polemic for a minor point of doctrine or theology (with some exceptions).

Have fun! As always, I reserve the right not to publish, even if it conforms to all guidelines above. If I choose not to publish your article, however, I will provide a reason to you personally. I look forward to your submission to Possible Worlds!

Randy Everist


  1. The e-mail you have provided does not seem to work for me, Randy.

  2. Oh. I think the problem is that you misspelled your e-mail address (it says "sumbit") so I copied and pasted the wrong thing.

    1. Doh! I'm so sorry about that! Quick typing, after all. Fixed.


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