Friday, April 26, 2013

God and Intrinsic Properties

Something to think about: if God possesses libertarian free will, and if an Anselmian picture of God is correct (one in which God inhabits every possible world as a necessary being), then, necessarily, we live in a libertarianly-free world. Now, certainly, it would not follow from this that mankind has LFW. However, it does frame the issue for those who would debate whether or not LFW is the type of faculty afforded to man. Either LFW’s existence is necessarily true or necessarily false. Just as with the modal ontological argument, if LFW is even possibly held by God, it is necessarily so; if it is not held by God, then LFW is impossible. Therefore, only in the case that LFW is not held by God is it impossible. So long as God has an indeterminate choice, the major criticism against LFW evaporates. Of course, this line of reasoning is nothing necessarily special; as it turns out, any intrinsic properties God possesses are possessed necessarily (in every possible world). Just something to think about!

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