Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Templates and Comments

Hello all! The blog needed a new look (I say this after several people have sent me e-mails concerning the glare of the white text on a black background!), so I am trying this out. This may not be permanent. In any case, please let me know what you think!

Next, as to the comments issue, I am re-opening unmoderated comments for the first two days after a post is uploaded to the blog. However, I am requiring a word verification. Please do not abuse this and remember to act charitably! God bless.


  1. I check this blog every couple weeks and didn't see this post at first. Thought I came to the wrong place. I like this design better.

    I didn't see a contact link, so I don't know where else to put this proposal. I write an atheist blog and thought it might be a fun idea to write a guest post for the case for atheism while an apologist wrote a post for my site for a case for Christianity. If interested, I'd be open to hearing your ideas for the posts. They could answer each others questions or follow the same theme...whatever.

  2. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the comment!

    While I appreciate the offer, I must decline. I don't mind debates, but this blog is specifically intended to promote a Christian perspective and way of thinking. Please don't take that as an insult or demeaning in any way! I read your most recent blog post (the questionnaire) and was very intrigued by it. Keep thinking, friend!


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