Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christian Blog Carnival

Possible Worlds is proud to present the Christian Blog Carnival, featuring submissions from the Christian blogosphere on a wide variety of topics. For those who may have submitted but do not see their post, please note that I only included around 20 submissions this time, and thus it was nothing personal. Inclusions do not necessarily indicate agreement with the article, but they do indicate interest.


“The Bronze Snake,” by Russ White at Thinking in Christ", is an interesting look at an Old Testament judgment.

Matt Zowada examines differing idols in our lives, including the possibility that morality is one, in “Idolatry: Morality.”

In “From Genesis to Revelation,” Kaleb passes on a neat listing of Jesus in the Bible.

Over at Reality in Red, Timothy Payne provides an allegory for sin in the lives of the lost worth reading.

David R. Wells gives us an interesting look when he says, ‘Slavery is Illegal,” and it’s worth checking out.

At American Church History blog, Chris Price gives a brief but interesting look at the separation of church and state and what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

Richard H. Anderson provides a fascinating look at the dating of the book of Luke, and hence the other Gospels as well.

Reflections in the Word tackles the often-thorny problem of biblical authenticity, and what that may mean.


Daniel Smith over at Rational Theism gives a brief summary and response to the logical problem of evil using an interesting method of God’s benevolence.

Tom Gilson at Thinking Christian has provided a wonderful review of the film “Metamorphosis” and how it relates to scientific apologetics. has some apologetic and theological resources one may find quite interesting.

The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument is examined by yours truly at Possible Worlds.

Christian Life

Rob Sisson, at In Faith, writes of the true faith we must have in our lives when we approach Christ.

Ridge Burns shares a powerful story of being Jesus to the world in everyday circumstances.

Joy Shepherd at takes a good look at the top 10 Bible colleges in the United States and what makes them that way.

“But it’s just a little thing,” by Violet, shows that grumbling and complaining in the Christian life is not acceptable.

Joe Plemon wants to know what we are willing to give up in order to follow God.

Rebecca LuElla Miller reminds us of the importance and primacy of serving God—even if it means going against our country, in “Treasonous Prayer.”

At Strawberry Roan blog, Shanyn examines some devotional and emotionally-stirring thoughts following the events of 9/11.

Lynn Dove wants to know if chivalry is really dead, and what attitudes our cultural norms today represent.

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