Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Spotlight: J.W. Wartick is the site of a very good blog done on Christian philosophy and apologetics. J.W. is not afraid to tackle tough issues ranging from the implications of open theism to the depths of atheistic thought and objections.

Some of his best work for laypeople is, in my estimation, his book reviews. He manages to capture the main thrust of the book while detailing both points of agreement and possible objections in a concise and understandable manner. The books reviewed can be theological, philosophical, or apologetic in nature. These benefit the Christian in that one can get a good grasp on varying points of theology from an interesting viewpoint.

He also includes top posts from around the internet in relation to topics of interest for the believer in addition to writing original content. Some of my favorites include his interaction with "professional philosopher" Cathy Cooper (it's a classic, truly ;) ) and "Letter to a Free Thinker." While I do not always agree with J.W., I think you'll find his blog stimulating and resourceful.
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  1. Thanks for the extremely kind words and the feature!

  2. No prob JW; hopefully more people can see your blog!


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