Monday, February 28, 2011

Poll on Evolution

Below is a poll on evolution and its implications for theism, Christianity, and particular doctrines within Christianity. Please feel free to comment explaining your position or rationale. Enjoy!
If evolution is true, what follows?
God does not exist
Christianity is false
The Bible is not the Word of God
The Bible is not inerrant
Creation narratives are not to be interpreted literally
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  1. I honestly see no conflict between the Bible being somehow divinely inspired and the theory of Evolution being true. The creation narratives in Genesis are ancient myths about the formation of the universe and world. But they are still very interesting and absolutely worth studying. I personally love the Yahwist account of creation. I think there's a lot there when properly understood that is directly applicable to today's world.

  2. Hey Blake, I'm with you! That is to say, I think that if evolution is true, the most that follows is that the creation narratives should not be interpreted literally. I do not think that evolution is true personally, but this poll wasn't to guage that. We would need independent arguments to get us any of the other conclusions. Thanks for taking time to respond!


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