Speaking/Events Calendar

I am available for speaking engagements dealing with apologetics, philosophy, theology, biblical studies, preaching, etc. I have been ordained in the Baptist tradition, and also taught on the collegiate level. Speaking at your church or engagement/meeting would be an honor, and if you’d like, you can contact me at my email address, which is “me at Randy Everist dot com” (no spaces or quotation marks, of course).

Higher education courses taught on the undergraduate level:

ENG100 Basic English Grammar
BIB201 Doctrines 1
BIB202 Doctrines 2
BIB204 Methods of Bible Study
BIB206 Johannine Writings
BIB303 Poetic Books

Higher education courses on the graduate level for which I was teaching fellow or guest lecturer:

THE6110 Christian Theology 1
THE6120 Christian Theology 2
THE6130 Christian Theology 3

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